Business Consultancy - Not Only For The Big Boys


The title Business Consultant means different things to different people, they can be an Accountant, Lawyer, Marketing Analyst and much more, and immediately cost and need come to mind.  Alright for the large company who can afford a Business Consultant but not for the small one man band or partnership.  Well you would be wrong, the large company need them less than we do, after all most larger companies have a management structure with people employed to look after different aspects of the company, unlike us the small one man band or partnership.

In reality a Business Consultant is someone who has the necessary experience to look at the selected business from a dispassionate and objective view point, and then to give recommendations for change which the customer can either accept and implement or reject.  This is something that is hard for the small one man band or partnership to do themselves for the following reasons.

Proprietors Are
Too Close To The Situation i.e. Cannot See The Wood For The Trees
Wear Too Many Hats From MD To Bottle Washer Sometimes All At Once
Too Passionate About Their Business Negating Objectivity
Unable To Find Enough Hours In The Day To Take A Look Themselves
Unable To Afford To Take Time Off To Do It Themselves Or Lack Expertise

To enable the business to grow or survive we need to from time to time take a step back and assess the current situation and plan the necessary changes to be implemented to achieve the desired aim, or bring in outside help in the form of a Business Consultant to do it for us.

The majority of Business Consultants charge a fixed rate for their service based upon time spent, and as they usually operate from a large town or city location this means that we are often paying for them to travel to our location and back, meaning that we are paying for dead time, this encourages a reduction in vital face to face time to reduce costs.  It also means that they generally do not have a true understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of running a business in a rural location such as ours.

Advantages Of Using Teamwork.UK
Local Office In Bellingham - Minimising Dead Time And Convenient For Vital Regular Face To Face Time.
Practical Knowledge Of Advantages & Disadvantages Of Running Business In Rural Location
Real Experience Of Different Aspects Of Running A Business
Cost Tailored To The Individual Business Prior To Commitment
Understanding That Information Provided To Be Treated In The Utmost Confidentiality

Grant Funding could be available to cover some or all of the costs involved via our Grant Funding Service.

Sometimes all that is needed is someone outside of the business to talk to in confidence who understands how it is, so feel free to pop along to the office have a coffee and a chat free of charge.


With over 10 years experience of working at a very senior management level for a multi-national company and over 20 years experience of successfully running our own small businesses we are in an ideal position to assist by working with you in a team effort to ensure your aims and objectives are achieved, at a pre-agreed economical cost.

We are also on the North East England Service Provider Register No: 15277 which guarantees the quality of our work

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