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We have all at one time or another seen the slick promotional CD/DVD catalogue sent out by major companies to entice us to buy their goods or services wishing we could do the same but expecting them to be expensive.  The alternative is a printed catalogue detailing our products/services or brochure to promote our business, seemingly not as expensive to produce but depending on size and weight not economical to despatch.  With today's technology CD/DVD versions can be produced very economically and only cost pennies to reproduce, and due to weight and size cost no more than a letter to send out. 

Attend a training course and your bound to get a training DVD to watch covering the subject matter, extremely useful enabling the attendee to learn more in a short space of time, also working as a great reference library for post course learning.  There are also a wide variety of training DVD's on the market covering a host of subjects which sell in their thousands. As production and reproduction costs are now inexpensive why not produce your own in house training media or training media for resale on the open market, selling your ideas and knowledge to others. 

Music violations can often be a problem when producing your own commercial media yet this can be overcome by having your own bespoke music produced that does not cost as much as you might think.

The days of video are all but gone with current weddings and special occasions being recorded and produced on DVD, our old videos sit in a cupboard collecting dust and corroding meaning that all those lovely memories will eventually be lost.  It is now a simple matter to record them to computer keeping a copy on hard disk and convert them to DVD ensuring that they will be enjoyed for years to come.  With modern technology they can be enhanced with effects and music making them much more enjoyable to watch.

What We Have To Offer
Local Office Enabling Face To Face Time To Perfect Production
Equipment And Experience To Produce High Quality Material
Charge An Hourly Or Fixed Rate

Can Reproduce Any Quantity
We Work With You As A Team To Reduce Your Costs

Grant Funding could be available to cover some or all of the costs involved via our Grant Funding Service.



Catalogue CD/DVD
Have your web site or sales catalogue put onto CD/DVD to send to customers instead of printed version.  More economical in the long run

Promotional DVD
Production of a promotional DVD to present your business in the best light, existing photographs can be converted into a movie slide show with music and titles.

Training DVD
Production of a training DVD for resale or for use within your own company.

We can have music produced to enhance your multi-media that will be bespoke to you with copy write protection.

Video To DVD
Convert your home/wedding videos to DVD preserving them for future generations.


With over 10 years experience of producing and retailing training media we are in a position to assist with the whole process by working with you in a team effort to ensure your multi-media is produced to your specifications.

We are also on the North East England Service Provider Register No: 15277 which guarantees the quality of our work

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