The Internet & Web Design Service A Must For Rural Businesses


The internet is huge business and if you do not have a web site you are considered to be living in the dark ages, unless you have an understanding of how it all works it all seems rather too complicated to manage yourself.  Hence the dramatic increase in Web Design Consultants, YES US TOO! unfortunately there is a tendency to use technical jargon to make it seem more complicated than it really is giving justification for the exorbitant fees that are being charged. 

After all a web site is merely an electronic version of a brochure and if a printer wanted thousands of pounds to design and print one for us there would be no brochures out there.  Fair enough an e-commerce site is a little more complicated but not that much.

From a business prospective a web site makes sense as it is permanent advertising world wide, informing everyone about your business and what you have to offer and an easy reference to direct enquiries, providing full information about your business, goods and or service.  A dedicated business email address presents an enhanced professional image to the market you are trying to attract, reinforcing your professionalism and creating confidence.

There are a host of programmes out there specifically designed to enable anyone with a little computer knowledge to design and manage their own web site without the need for loads of technical knowledge such as Microsoft FrontPage (my favourite) or Dreamweaver etc.  Web designers have frequently informed me not to use FrontPage as it is considered inferior yet every web host I have come across is always up dating to the latest FrontPage release.  The truth is that these sort of programmes enable everyone to do the job themselves, saving thousands of pounds in web design fees.

If you do decide to use a web designer ensure that you are in a position to manage your web site on a day to day basis, and having made this decision here are some of the reasons why we would like you to consider using our service

What We Have To Offer
Local Office Enabling Face To Face Time To Perfect Site Design
Process & Average Set Up Costs Already Declared
We Can Design Logos & Take Pictures Should You Not Have Any
Flexibility To Perform All Or Part Of Work Needed To Create Web Site
Charge An Hourly Rate Only Paying For Time Spent

Information & E-Commerce Web Site
We Work With You As A Team To Reduce Your Costs
Provide Tutorial To Enable Self Management Of Web Site
Provide Ongoing Support To Make You Self Sufficient

Grant Funding could be available to cover some or all of the costs involved via our Grant Funding Service.



Domain Name
Usually a .co.uk  .com .org etc.
Your company name.co.uk
Cost from 5.00 upwards annually

Host For Web Site
Electronic filing cabinet to store files
Enables visitors to see web site
Basic cabinet is usually free
More complicated ones range from
20.00 - 200.00 Annually

Comes with Domain Name & Host
Usually unlimited in number
More professional than a generic one

Sell goods/services on the internet
Shopping cart packages available free
PayPal enables purchasers to pay

with credit/debit cards


Choose web site name
Purchase usually with host package
Usually immediate but can take 24 hours

Design Publish & Manage Web Site
Using FrontPage or equivalent
Let your imagination take over
Pictures and content

Change content as you please

Search Engines
Get listed high up in listings
Buy search engine submission package
Usually host provides this

Cost from 25.00 upwards


With over 15 years experience of developing successful information and e-commerce web sites we are in a position to assist with the whole process by working with you in a team effort to ensure your web site is designed to your specifications.  Which is why we are also on the North East England Service Provider Register No: 15277 which guarantees the quality of our work.

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